Your Gym Routine is Ruining Your Fitness Progress.

Doing the same thirty minutes on a cardio machine may have worked in the beginning of your workout routine but time has changed.  Your body has adapted and is smart enough to figure out your old routine is no longer what’s best for your body or for you.

Truthfully your body is a creature of habit. While the 30 minutes of the treadmill was a shock to your legs and respiratory system in the beginning – after a while your body knows what to expect, it hits a fitness plateau . When you engage in the same activity for too long, your body can hit a wall- figuratively speaking. While nothing is wrong with hitting a plateau especially if you’re goal is to maintain weight, for those of us who want to see change its no Bueno. If you haven’t seen progress whether its building strength or losing a couple pounds, it’s time to take a step back and come to terms that your body needs a shock. 

Luckily there  is a lot of solutions at your neighborhood gym. From kickboxing to UFX training to yoga, Lucille Roberts has tons classes which can ubiquitously shock your body – positively of course.

Other benefits from opting for our variety of workout classes include: making new friends, getting motivated by instructors ( who can also increase the intensity of your workout) and getting motivated from the healthy competition filling the classroom.

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Disclaimer –  there is no discrimination towards cardio machines – this post  is meant to offer alternative workout routines. 

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

And just like that, its December again! So you know what that means…

Or at least in many of our cases we have LOTS of shopping to do. Which can be hard  because lets be real – with all of the great sales popping up on our screens – all we can think about is buying stuff for ourselves.

Whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza – Save the self buying  for the new year and treat a loved one to these fitness inspired gifts to spread the holiday joy + motivation –  to kickstart their healthy habits for 2018!   

Athletic Sneakers– these are a bit trickier to buy because it requires you to know the person’s feet size, in other words this must be someone especially loved. But a fresh new pair of kicks is a sure way to help motivate anyone to start or continue their workout regime.  Click here to see some of our favorites.

Water Bottle – there is nothing wrong with giving a helpful subtle reminder via gifts such as –  its important to stay hydrated. Swell Bottles are a great option for a gift because they can retain both hot and cold drinks. Whether its for traveling, gym, work or school, this gift is great to give to anyone.

A personalized care package – who doesn’t  love receiving essential items you often neglect  to buy throughout the year. Assemble a holiday box filled with essentials such as a pair of socks, lotion, vitamins, basic tees, gift cards etc. or take the easy route a buy a fun subscription box like Fab Fit Fun.

Lucille Roberts gym membershipshameless plug but its important to mention nonetheless. With the temperatures dropping  it’s easy for many of us to neglect our fitness routine for the sake of staying wrapped under a blanket in bed. Show your gift receiver how much you care about her health during the frigid months  by giving her a 30 day gym membership. 

Personal Training – anyone who is a novice but shows interest to join a gym  will really appreciate this gift.  Train one on one or in groups with our personal trainer who can really cater to your specific fitness needs. Fitness that fits you. 

The greatest gift of all ( outside of love) – Food –  without a doubt the benefits of cooking your own meals outweighs ordering take out. ( not saying it taste better) You know what ingredients are feeding your body, you make better decisions to nourish your body and it is overall better to do when trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. (see the 80/20 rule)  But it can be very time consuming. Our fellow partners; Hello Fresh, Daily Harvest are awesome services that help restore lost time in your day spent in the kitchen. You’ll be known as the best holiday gift giver – because who else can give time?

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Here’s how you can feel better about yourself + do good for others.

Feel better about yourself while making others feel great about themselves by saying a simple thank you. 

As stated in a  Psychology Today article there are areas of the brain  affected by appreciation and gratitude. The hypothalamus, which controls basic bodily functions such as eating and sleeping, and dopamine ( the“reward neurotransmitter”)  are heavily affected from feelings of gratitude. Alex Korb Ph.D writes;

“Gratitude can have such a powerful impact on your life because it engages your brain in a virtuous cycle.”

Having these brain boots can significantly have positive effects at home, work and life . 

Showing gratitude can increase a person’s wellness, better sleep habits, metabolism and reduce stress. When you make appreciation a top priortity (at home and especially in the workplace) the outcome is a positive, productive, creative and thriving environment. With employee appreciation and appreciating others you’re not only boosting productivity, efficiency, performance and engagement, but the person’s well-being and health.

4 ways to practice appreciation. 

  1. Don’t put others down even if you’re feeling gloomy;
  2. Acknowledge the achievements and success stories of others.
  3. Practice self appreciation; whether its filling your brain with educational information , lifting your spirits with mediation or thanking your body with nourishing foods and exercise.
  4. Write thank you notes and verbally say thanks; to friends and family for their continued love and support, coworkers for welcoming you to the team; customers for helping to keep your business afloat etc. When you show appreciation for every single person in your life, instantly see how much better you feel after you show your appreciation.

You’ll see how much more powerful you become, but not only that, how much better you feel as a person.

Sources for this post includes; Psychology Today article and  Harvard Review.  


Strength in Numbers – POWER OF PINK recap.

Using our strength in numbers Lucille Roberts managed to raise 42 donations and a total of $2,587 to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Our strength is powerful on its own but when multiplied the magnitude of our efforts to do good for others is outstanding.

On October 19th, all 16 Lucille Roberts locations hosted the Open House event The Power Of Pink. A special day where all of our members and their guests sweated in unity to help their fellow women who are battling with the breast cancer disease. From wearing your brightest pink, to sweating with us in  our pink themed classes –  were so grateful for all the support our members have given us in order to help BCRF on their mission to end breast cancer for good.

Thank you all!!!



Breast Cancer Survivor Story – Lucille Roberts Member Theresa Butera

Meet Theresa Butera a Lucille Roberts member since 1991 and Breast Cancer Survivor. In November 2014 she was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive lobia carcinoma in her left breast and underwent a mastectomy in December 2014. Her battle against the disease did not end there, Theresa had reconstruction in March  2015 followed by nipple reconstruction-fat graphing in June 2015. A few other health scares arose during this time but with Theresa’s inner strength and support from friends and family, including the Lucille Roberts Kings Highway team, she always knew giving up wasn’t an option. 

Theresa Butera’s Story

What was life like before being diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

Well I have always been a very diligent about my heath and going to the gym has been a part of it.  I was still grieving the loss my mom and getting on with my life before I noticed a change in my left nipple.

What was it like after?

The only time I was ever in the hospital was when I had my tonsils out at 4 years old.  I went from that to going for 2 biopsies and MRI confirming I had stage 2 Invasive Lobular Carcinoma in my left breast.  I have no history in my family of Breast Cancer and was told my cancer was estrogen receptor positive.  I was told that because it had spread I had to have a mastectomy right away.

How did you cope with your diagnosis?

I remember the doctor explaining every thing to me and saying that I had the option to have reconstruction which I did.  I told the doctor I will do whatever it takes to get me well.  Of course I was in shock but I am a positive person by nature and I have I faith and that is what got me through that time. I did not have to do chemo and radiation but I have to be on Tamoxifen an estrogen blocker for 10 years.

 Describe a low time during your treatment?

There are many low times, but the one that I will share is about 2 years ago after my 3rd surgery of nipple/areola reconstruction and fat graphing I started to notice that my left arm from the shoulder down to my hands was starting to hurt and my range of motion was becoming restricted to the point that I could not put my hand on my hip or brush my hair (mind you I am left handed) I got concerned that the cancer returned so I went to the doctor and they sent me to get an MRI and the good new is that is was not cancer, but the bad news was that I had  frozen shoulder, a very painful and debilitating condition that I could not lift my arm over my head and had to go for physical theraphy.

When I asked how I got this they because of the 3 surgeries you received it damaged the nerves on that side and that it would take from 6 months to 2 years for my shoulder to thaw and get back to normal. Also last year I had developed scarred tissue in my left breast know as Capsular Constructor which I had my 4th surgery to remove the implant and replace with another.   I can tell you not being able to workout to the capacity that I did was very depressing.  Even now having restrictions.

Any support system during these times?

You find out who is really your family and friends at this time and I found out that my uncles 2 in there late seventies and one in there eighties came up from Florida to be with me during my first two surgeries, my two child hood friends 1 came up and one sent a care package and the one person who became my caregiver, going to all my appointments with me and being there fore me is a fellow Lucille Roberts member Candi Espinal.


Was Lucille Roberts  a support system?

Lucille Roberts was an essential part of my recovery from the amazing instructors to the members that I have come in contact with and have been my supportive team and just encouraging me.  One of those times was walking with me on Sunday, October 15th at the MCU Coney Island Breast Cancer Walk.

How did Lucille Roberts help you?

One of the things the doctors were impressed with was after my surgeries my blood pressure was stable the whole time.  They are well aware that I am an active member of Lucille Roberts and the fact that they are responsible for keeping me in shape and getting me back in shape.  I am forever grateful.

How does it feel to be a survivor, did you have any doubts that you would defeat breast cancer?

Being a survivor feels amazing and it also puts things in perspective.  You realize what is important and who is important and you don’t take anything for granted.  I learned also to live and one of the things I did was go on a solo vacation to Aruba this past July for one week and it was amazing.  You always have a little doubt, but for me giving up was not an option.

What will you tell other females who are battling this disease to help them?

 That it is ok to be scared and have doubt but at the same time never give up hope, do what makes you happy.  That there are going to be days that you will feel like giving up, but don’t you are not alone and what I do when I feel that way I stand in front of the mirror with my nine inch scar across my breast where my nipple was and I tell  myself I am sexy, confident and beautiful.

Any thing else you would like to share?

Know your body, if something doesn’t look or feel right trust your instinct and have it checked out sooner rather than later.  Believe me my doctor told me that I had no lymph nodes (5) that were removed that were cancerous.  He said had if I waited another month or two it would have spread and become worse.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, if you haven’t done so please go for your Mammogram.

Let’s help put an end to Breast Cancer. Visit

All images for this post is courtesy of Theresa Butera.



For the month of October we’re teaming up with Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help support their efforts – to provide advanced research to put an end to breast cancer. Together we can prove the #POWEROFPINK. 

See below on ALL the ways you can stand with us us as we prove the #POWEROFPINK


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This Body Positive Model Used to Eat 500 Calories A Day.

Find Out How Body Positive Model Liza Golden-Bhojwani went from eating 500 calories a day to listening to what her body really needed.. more food and more love. 

What would it be like to have a diet consisting of only 500 calories a day? We sure don’t know and would never want to find out, but  former runway model and Instagram celebrity Liza Golden – Bhojwani had this experience…. YIKES.

As a runway model back in 2012, Bhojwani  shares with Glamour, she felt the pressure but simultaneously an intense adrenaline rush constantly being booked for high fashion runway shows because she was the “right size” ; the leading cause to her strict and unhealthy diet.

A little flashback Friday action for you. This caption will be long and won’t fit, so if you’d like to read please find the rest in the comment section….The left side was me at the start of the peak of my career. My first proper fashion week where I was actually the size I needed to be. I was booking amazing shows that one never thinks they actually could, walking with girls who I once looked up to, it was a serious adrenaline rush…but after fainting one night in my apt whilst preparing one of my very low cal meals (I think it was 20 pieces of steamed edamame if I remember correctly), I called it quits with the diet and workout regime I was put on and decided I could do it on my own. I thought to myself, I can still be this thin, but I’ll just eat a little more so I don’t feel so horrible. Well, eating a little more turned into eating nearly a bag full of almonds, which then turned into eating full size meals, which then turned into a full blown binge. I was craving every single food you could imagine and I was giving in to every craving even though I knew this was such an important time in my career. I made it through NYFW okay, no one had noticed any weight gain, but by the time I had gotten the LFW I could see the pounds starting to show both in the mirror and on the measuring tape, but I kept quiet obviously not wanting to sabotage myself. I found myself going to the grocery store and picking up raw vegetables to try and make up for the near two week binge I had in NY, but I didn’t see any weight coming off no matter how “healthy” I was eating and no matter how many workouts I fit in. MFW came and I knew I was bigger and by bigger I mean a 35.5in hip rather than the 34.5in hip I started with in NY, I played it cool and just pretended everything was normal. I did end up booking shows, Dolce & Gabbana being one of them. Which I afterwards received online criticism about my thighs looking fat…Anyways PFW came about, and I found it impossible to resist those chocolate croissants ? I went on many a casting with one exclusive option being on my schedule, but after meeting the client I knew the reason for me not nailing the gig, my size…

A post shared by Liza Golden-Bhojwani (@lizagoldenreal) on

The Turning Point

After a health scare fainting in her apartment, Model Liza- Bhojani started“listening to what her body needed and getting over the pressure to be incredibly thin, but this wasn’t so easy”- Glamour. She went from consuming 20 edamame beans to a bagful of almonds to eating real food to a full blown daily binge session. Craving all foods under the sun, Liza’s weight gain was costing her her jobs…

Read more about Liza and her restorative health journey to Body Positivity  on the original article by Glamour 

Vegetarian Healthy Recipes to Beat the Heat

When its just too HOT, the last thing on our minds is to be slaving behind a hot stove. Here are 3 vegetarian healthy recipes where  you can remain cool in the simmering heat because no stove required! Put your aprons and stove gloves away and save time with the recipes below!

Zucchini Thai Salad

An easy, flavorful, Thai-inspired zucchini noodle dish with great consistency, flavor, and nutrients. It’s one of those easy dishes where you just add dressing to the ingredients, toss, and serve!  Using a spiralizer, zoodle your carrots and zucchini into a bowl, add edamame or bean of choice drizzled with creamy and sweet peanut dressing. For full recipe visit 

Tomato, Corn, and Avocado Salad

“Nothing compares to the juiciness of summer tomatoes. Go beyond the expected with this showstopping salad.” Pitted Avocados, freshly squeezed lime juice and sweet corn kernels make this stove free recipe, an easy summer staple for a weekly lunch or a summer potluck addition. For full recipe visit 

Golden Gazpacho With Feta

A different approach to  the traditional vibrant red gazpacho, this one is made with yellow tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, and feta. For the full recipe visit Real

Note for all recipes add a protein such as hard boiled eggs or whatever protein you love to make it into heartier meal.

Your Activewear for the Warmer & Brighter Months

Summer is basically here and it is about time to switch out your activewear to match the season. Unless you have no issues with exercising in the sweltering sun with your running jacket and gloves. Just thinking about it makes you start to sweat.

Here is a activewear guide to ensure you are breezy, and can workout in comfortable and ease  in 65+ degree weather.

Starting with tops, here are a few of our favorite finds: 

Crop Tops

Gap: Low impact crossback shelf crop tank

Ivy Park : Crisscross Crop Top

Sports Bra

Victoria Secret: The Player 

Tank Tops

Reebok Faves Tank ( Nordstrom Rack)

 Champion Authentic Wash Muscle Tank Top (Kohls)


Joe Fresh: floral mesh active short 

Xersion™ Studio Lattice Capris


Onitsuka Tiger by Asics GT-DS™

Adidas Edge Lux

Other essentials include :

Dry wicking socks; use socks made with materials that will not hold in sweat and moisture.

Hat; especially if you are working outdoors, protecting against the sun is important. In addition to slathering yourself with SPF, a hat can help to keep you protected and your head cool.

An added tip when for your summer workout wadrobe change,  look for descriptive words such as seamless, weightless, light and or flexible. Also make sure the the clothing  provide the functions of protecting and supporting your body parts ( epecially sneakers and sports bras). 

Keep cool, stay safe and be fit in the heat.