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Simple ways to improve your health in 2018

A new year, a new you – that’s usually the goal right?.  This is the time when we all usually make  over the top ambitions but never follow through. This time around avoid these short term goals. Instead start small and simple by making long term goals aka lifestyle improvements.  Here are some easy ways to […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

And just like that, its December again! So you know what that means… Or at least in many of our cases we have LOTS of shopping to do. Which can be hard  because lets be real – with all of the great sales popping up on our screens – all we can think about is […]

Here’s how you can feel better about yourself + do good for others.

Feel better about yourself while making others feel great about themselves by saying a simple thank you.  As stated in a  Psychology Today article there are areas of the brain  affected by appreciation and gratitude. The hypothalamus, which controls basic bodily functions such as eating and sleeping, and dopamine ( the“reward neurotransmitter”)  are heavily affected […]

Strength in Numbers – POWER OF PINK recap.

Using our strength in numbers Lucille Roberts managed to raise 42 donations and a total of $2,587 to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Our strength is powerful on its own but when multiplied the magnitude of our efforts to do good for others is outstanding. On October 19th, all 16 Lucille Roberts locations hosted the […]


For the month of October we’re teaming up with Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help support their efforts – to provide advanced research to put an end to breast cancer. Together we can prove the #POWEROFPINK.  See below on ALL the ways you can stand with us us as we prove the #POWEROFPINK PART ONE P.S […]

Vegetarian Healthy Recipes to Beat the Heat

When its just too HOT, the last thing on our minds is to be slaving behind a hot stove. Here are 3 vegetarian healthy recipes where  you can remain cool in the simmering heat because no stove required! Put your aprons and stove gloves away and save time with the recipes below! Zucchini Thai Salad An easy, flavorful, […]

Mornings Made Easier with Daily Harvest’s Breakfast Bowls

Start your day with Daily Harvest’s, easy, ready to make, healthy breakfast bowls perfect for these hot and humid months of the summer!  The sound of a warm bowl of oats drizzled with nut butter may sound delightful for the wintry months, but in the summer it makes us all sweat profusely. Cool overnight oats is […]

Schwinn Shares; How to Switch Up Your Workouts

Written by Schwinn Ambassador Jennifer Beth It’s that time of year again: the sun is trying to come out, the days are longer, and the temperature begins climbing. With change in seasons usually comes a change in workout location. We finally are able to venture outside and add some variety to our regular gym routine. However, […]

Meet #LRStrong Member Valerie; Boot Camp Lover & Motivated Grandmother

Here’s to STRONG females, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them! We are happy to introduce to you #LRStrong member Valerie DiPiazza,  Clifton member of 4 years and a client of  #LRStrong trainer Dalida! Valerie has lost over 60lbs with the help of trainer Dalida and the inner motivation to live […]