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Your Gym Routine is Ruining Your Fitness Progress.

Doing the same thirty minutes on a cardio machine may have worked in the beginning of your workout routine but time has changed.  Your body has adapted and is smart enough to figure out your old routine is no longer what’s best for your body or for you.

Truthfully your body is a creature of habit. While the 30 minutes of the treadmill was a shock to your legs and respiratory system in the beginning – after a while your body knows what to expect, it hits a fitness plateau . When you engage in the same activity for too long, your body can hit a wall- figuratively speaking. While nothing is wrong with hitting a plateau especially if you’re goal is to maintain weight, for those of us who want to see change its no Bueno. If you haven’t seen progress whether its building strength or losing a couple pounds, it’s time to take a step back and come to terms that your body needs a shock. 

Luckily there  is a lot of solutions at your neighborhood gym. From kickboxing to UFX training to yoga, Lucille Roberts has tons classes which can ubiquitously shock your body – positively of course.

Other benefits from opting for our variety of workout classes include: making new friends, getting motivated by instructors ( who can also increase the intensity of your workout) and getting motivated from the healthy competition filling the classroom.

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Disclaimer –  there is no discrimination towards cardio machines – this post  is meant to offer alternative workout routines. 

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