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Schwinn® Shares How to Keep Your Fitness Routine Fresh for Every Season

In addition to our awesome giveaway we have going with Schwinn® here is a collaboration health and fitness post where Schwinn shares their tips on how to keep your fitness routine fresh. Now that the weather is changing, it is time we all started changing our routines as well. It is healthy for both your mind and body to hit the refresh button in your lifestyle routine. An added bonus in terms of your fitness routine it will promote quicker results whether it be to get stronger or lose weight. The following post is courtesy of Schwinn Ambassador Jaris, where he shares a couple ways he alters his fitness routine.

image courtesy Schwinn®

I know I am not the only one who experiences unpredictability in my life on a daily basis. Any one or all of my personal, family, social, and professional life dimensions may not always carry through as planned. As such, scheduling a variety of activities and maintaining a schedule that accommodates flexibility is critical to staying healthy and maintaining wellness.

While achieving and maintaining physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health are all equally important, I have learned that staying physically fit allows me to stay balanced in all dimensions of health. All over the world, the weather is often unpredictable and inconsistent. When the weather allows for it, I love to be outdoors riding my Schwinn Vantage F1 hybrid bike, my Schwinn Volare road bike, or going for walks or runs. Exploring new outdoor activity routes, and revisiting favourites, keeps me engaged with my community and city.

Participating in outdoor activities

This is also great way to be physically active with the company of others. I strongly encourage anyone interested in outdoor activities to explore their local fitness establishments for community-based physical activity groups and clubs. Often fitness clothing stores and various gyms have free group-based outdoor fitness opportunities or more-structured classes and programs for a fee. Getting out of a routine not only keeps physical activity interesting, but also ensures a variety of muscle groups are engaged.

Maintain an active gym membership year-round.

image via instagram andrea_ona_fit


As excellent as engaging in a variety of outdoor activities is, the weather may not always cooperate. To ensure my physical health is never at the mercy of mother nature, I maintain an active gym membership year-round. In times when I did not maintain a gym membership, it became too easy to choose to stay home when the weather was not ideal. Choosing to have a gym membership with friends, family members, or colleagues is a great idea to continue to be active with others, while still having the opportunity to work out alone when desired.

Personally, I also choose to participate frequently in indoor cycling/spin classes, which I now also teach twice per week. Indoor cycling is a very different activity than outdoor cycling. I often hear others commenting that they choose not to participate in indoor cycling or other indoor exercises during the summer because they would rather exercise outside. Avoiding various indoor activities during the summer, however, reduces the variety of exercise a person can experience.

With the variety of indoor fitness opportunities that are not otherwise possible outdoors, it would be a shame to miss out on everything that is offered indoors at a gym or fitness studio. As well, the unpredictability of the weather may often interfere with a person’s fitness regime and could risk losing that regime. Personally, when this happens to me and impacts my physical health in this way, I tend to experience imbalanced emotional, mental, and spiritual health, too.

At the end of the day, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining a variety of physical activity endeavours. Engaging in a variety of personal and community-based activities, both indoors and outdoors will help maintain overall health and well-being.


Jaris, Schwinn Ambassador

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