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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

And just like that, its December again! So you know what that means…

Or at least in many of our cases we have LOTS of shopping to do. Which can be hard  because lets be real – with all of the great sales popping up on our screens – all we can think about is buying stuff for ourselves.

Whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza – Save the self buying  for the new year and treat a loved one to these fitness inspired gifts to spread the holiday joy + motivation –  to kickstart their healthy habits for 2018!   

Athletic Sneakers– these are a bit trickier to buy because it requires you to know the person’s feet size, in other words this must be someone especially loved. But a fresh new pair of kicks is a sure way to help motivate anyone to start or continue their workout regime.  Click here to see some of our favorites.

Water Bottle – there is nothing wrong with giving a helpful subtle reminder via gifts such as –  its important to stay hydrated. Swell Bottles are a great option for a gift because they can retain both hot and cold drinks. Whether its for traveling, gym, work or school, this gift is great to give to anyone.

A personalized care package – who doesn’t  love receiving essential items you often neglect  to buy throughout the year. Assemble a holiday box filled with essentials such as a pair of socks, lotion, vitamins, basic tees, gift cards etc. or take the easy route a buy a fun subscription box like Fab Fit Fun.

Lucille Roberts gym membershipshameless plug but its important to mention nonetheless. With the temperatures dropping  it’s easy for many of us to neglect our fitness routine for the sake of staying wrapped under a blanket in bed. Show your gift receiver how much you care about her health during the frigid months  by giving her a 30 day gym membership. 

Personal Training – anyone who is a novice but shows interest to join a gym  will really appreciate this gift.  Train one on one or in groups with our personal trainer who can really cater to your specific fitness needs. Fitness that fits you. 

The greatest gift of all ( outside of love) – Food –  without a doubt the benefits of cooking your own meals outweighs ordering take out. ( not saying it taste better) You know what ingredients are feeding your body, you make better decisions to nourish your body and it is overall better to do when trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. (see the 80/20 rule)  But it can be very time consuming. Our fellow partners; Hello Fresh, Daily Harvest are awesome services that help restore lost time in your day spent in the kitchen. You’ll be known as the best holiday gift giver – because who else can give time?

P.S Don’t miss our Holiday Gift to you!

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