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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

And just like that, its December again! So you know what that means… Or at least in many of our cases we have LOTS of shopping to do. Which can be hard  because lets be real – with all of the great sales popping up on our screens – all we can think about is […]

Should I Exercise During Ramadan?

Should I exercise during Ramadan? When we fast, our bodies naturally become less active because of the reduced energy that we are getting from food. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the level of high impact exercise you perform during Ramadan. Rather than lifting heavy weights or doing high intensity cardio at the gym, consider […]

Buddy Up With These Body Weight Only Workouts – No Equipment Necessary!

Try these fun and effective total body exercises with no equipment required, except for your gym buddy of course! See below for more details on our special offer for March and the buddy up workouts!   Sit Up and Pass  While laying on mat or floor,  you and your friend extend arms overhead  Contract abs and […]

The Health and Wellness Trends of 2017

Another year has gone, which means all the health and fitness trends that were once popular in 2016 is a bit outdated. To keep you up to date with the health and fitness trends of 2017, we rounded up our favorites via Popsugar, mindbodygreen and Well + Good. Let’s see what 2017 has in store for our bodies […]

Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Post Baby Body Secrets Revealed

Best known for her insanely good dance moves and acting gigs in Step Up, Witches of East End and Supergirl, you may also recognize 35 year old Jenna Dewan Tatum by her killer physique and her marriage to every female’s man crush; Channing Tatum. After seeing her ridiculously shredded abs competing with hubby Channing Spike’s Lip Sync Battle, […]

Adele Inspired Workout Routine

Hello from the other side, #LRfitfam. While most of us genuinely love working out, some of us simply do not. Sort of like how Grammy singer Adele feels. If you follow Adele on Instagram, you will see she is not by any means a fitness enthusiast. But this does not mean she is not aware […]

Personal Trainers Are The Key To Fitness Success

You’ve joined the gym, you see all of the fitness equipment, but you have no idea where to even begin. Personal Trainers are the answer! They are the key to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Personal trainers are the ones who will guide you  and help you get to know your body on […]

Get Healthier in 30 Days With Jenna Wolfe

“If you change nothing, nothing will change”, one of the quotes that Jenna Wolfe lives by. For those who are unfamiliar with this fitness and health expert, you may have seen her doing some crazy bear crawls on the Today show as their fitness correspondent or heard about her book  Thinner in 30: Small Changes That Add Up […]

Ashley Graham Proves All Bodies are Beautiful

Ashley Graham is a model and the star behind body-positive campaigns such as #SwimsuitsForAll, #BeautyBeyondSize, #CurvyFitClub, and Lane Bryant‘s #ImNoAngel and #PlusIsEqual. All of which encourage self love and attempt to banish the actions of self deprecation, as we tend to compare ourselves with what we see in the media, the hub where false perceptions on what is considered beautiful is […]

“Jane the Virgin” Actress, Gina Rodriguez, on Health, Fitness, and Body Positivity

Beautiful inside and out, Gina Rodriguez is an outstanding, inspirational, genuine soul on and off screen. The Golden Globe winner and actress of the CW’s hit show Jane the Virgin, recently graced the cover of Women’s Health sharing her secrets on how she stays confident, dismisses body shamers and keeps slayin’ the world of Hollywood . Using […]