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Should I Exercise During Ramadan?

Should I exercise during Ramadan?

When we fast, our bodies naturally become less active because of the reduced energy that we are getting from food. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the level of high impact exercise you perform during Ramadan. Rather than lifting heavy weights or doing high intensity cardio at the gym, consider something like Yoga, Pilates, low impact cardio which will place less stress on your body and also allows you to relax and meditate during your exercise. It is suggested in order to stay on track with exercise to go to the gym after Iftar. (Evening meal)

Other recommendations for a workout plan during Ramadan include:

  • If you choose to do cardio, reduce these exercises to approx. 2 days every week,  to ensure you retain your lean muscle mass. Also opt for moderate, low intensity, cardio opposed to high intensity cardio,and make sure  to drink water or tea before your cardio exercise.
  • If you choose to do weight training, it is recommended to do so after the Taraweeh prayers. This way, you can ensure that you have consumed enough food and water or your favorite shake essential for muscle growth to stay energetic while working out in the gym. But ultimately avoid weight training while fasting to avoid the breakdown of your muscle mass.

As you may know healthy eating is an important  part to staying on track. Similar to fitness it can be tricky to stick to your regular eating habits as you are fasting. Read this post to learn how you can stay on track while fasting for Ramadan.

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