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Target and S’well Just Joined Forces!

We all know that water is super important to our diets and lifestyle. So what’s better than having a stylish water bottle to bring around to motivate you more to drink enough H20?

Target is known for its collaborations, and, of course, its upcoming partnership is one we’re pretty excited about. The big store has teamed up with S’well for its new S’ip line. If you love bright and playful colors these bottles are for you!

The bottles are 15-ounce ($25) and work with both hot and cold beverages. Coming in practically every color of the rainbow, there bottles feature cute designs like pineapples, watermelons, and bumblebees. LOVE!

The bottles aren’t available until April 1st, so you can hop on the bandwagon as we lust over which one we want most.

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