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Tag: 2017

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

And just like that, its December again! So you know what that means… Or at least in many of our cases we have LOTS of shopping to do. Which can be hard  because lets be real – with all of the great sales popping up on our screens – all we can think about is […]

The Health and Wellness Trends of 2017

Another year has gone, which means all the health and fitness trends that were once popular in 2016 is a bit outdated. To keep you up to date with the health and fitness trends of 2017, we rounded up our favorites via Popsugar, mindbodygreen and Well + Good. Let’s see what 2017 has in store for our bodies […]

Body Weight Training Is The “It” Exercise for 2017

Let’s give a huge welcome to body weight training for 2017! An underestimated workout compared to its competitors like dead lifting, spinning and more. Body weight training is making a strong comeback in the new year, proving it CAN get you shredded, blast fat, build strength & basically help you achieve your fitness goals – whatever they may be. According […]