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Miranda Lambert’s 4 Secrets To Happy & Healthy Fitness

From dominating at the Country Music Awards—she won four awards—to balancing her fitness and healthy, Miranda Lambert has had an amazing 2014!

Blake Shelton’s wifey wowed us on the red carpet after unveiling a 45 pound weight loss—and she hasn’t looked back since!

When the 31 year-old isn’t turning heads whereever she goes, this country crooner is letting her relaxed approached to fitness and health lead the way to her staying in shape. Read on to learn her secrets:

Keep your fitness fun! Exercise doesn’t always mean going to the gym. One of Miranda’s fave hobbies turns out to be taking English riding lessons. She says the sport allows her to clear her mind and enjoy herself. When she’s not on a horse, she’s getting her sweat on with bodyweight exercises, resistance-band moves, and circuit training.

Spice up your veggie intake. While Miranda likes her vegetables, she admits she can’t help pairing them with ranch dressing or cheese. To keep her on track, she’s learned to love drinking green juices. This is a great alternative to eating plain, old raw veggies.

Skip the scale. Stepping on the scale has the tendency to put people in bad mood’s if they don’t like what they see. Miranda has called it “your worst enemy when you’re trying to lose weight or gain weight.” Save yourself the judgement and step off.

Don’t forget healthy snacks. Snacking is a good thing—when you do it right, that is. No more junk food for this country girl! Now she keeps almonds and bananas on the tour bus. “I don’t want Cheetos anywhere around me,” she says.

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