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Slim Down With Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lean Body Tips

It seems like the older Gwyneth Paltrow gets, the more youthful she looks. At age forty, the Mortdecai actress doesn’t have a wrinkle to be seen or an ounce of cellulite (Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either).

Gwen is known for following a strict diet and exercising regularly—just check out her lifestyle site, Goop! I mean come on, we’re not the only ones wondering how she keeps her body in tip-top shape.

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Real-BeautySo what’s the key to getting Gwen’s  lifestyle guru told The Telegraph “that the key to staying in shape is a consistent exercise regimen, regular detoxes and the occasional weekend treat.” We can definitely relate to the occasional weekend indulgence!

The A-list actress is a long-time client of Tracy Anderson, author and multi-platform wellness entrepreneur. After working with Tracy, Gwen says that it changed her life. Anderson advised her to think of exercise as part of your daily routine—like you would brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

The mother of two also stresses the importance of having a steady routine—she exercises Monday-Friday at 10 am. She focuses on muscle toning which will help boost your metabolism.

As for her diet, the blond beauty is especially known for following a super healthy macrobiotic diet. Scheduling in detoxes are important too! Try these natural ways to detox your body. And while her diet rarely strays off course, Gwen does agree in allowing yourself a treat here and there. She’ll indulge in a glass of wine, which she says is “just the right amount of naughty.”

Check out these four workouts from Gwen’s trainer, Tracy Anderson! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter:@LucilleRoberts

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