The 5 Best Store Bought Juices

best store bought juices

With everyone stocking up on fruits and veggies, juicers are all the rage these days. But even if you don’t own one, you can still reap the benefits of this health craze by opting for a more convenient approach…

Rather than filling up your shopping cart with the necessary ingredients to make at-home juices, why not just grab a few store-bought juices instead? Read on to see which brands are the best to help you get back on track after indulging a little too much:

1. Naked

Dedicated to good health and sustainability, Naked products are packed with everything you need to live a healthy life. With no added sugars or preservatives, their juices are yummy and delicious naturally. Some of their smoothies are even created with added boosts to help you push through a busy day or workout.

Greens are one of the most under-consumed foods in the average person’s diet, so Brittany, the Director of Digital Marketing and Partnerships here at LR, suggests trying the Green Machine juice smoothie. Drink up!

2. Blue Print

If you’re looking for a juice cleanse that’s the real deal, then Blue Print Cleanse is the way to go. Every bottle is packed with raw, organic fruit and vegetable juices. And if you’re looking to get serious, Blue Print offers different levels of intensity for cleansing for beginners or experts. Get them delivered directly to your home so you’ll be feeling better in no time.

3. Evolution Fresh

If you’re a Starbucks regular, you’ve probably spotted a few Evolution Fresh products around. From fruits and veggies to essential nourishment, you’ll find all your favorites products that are bursting with flavor and nutrition. So instead of sticking with your everyday order of coffee and a croissant, try one of Evolution Fresh’s to keep you feeling alive throughout the day.

4. Odwalla

Known for their yummy smoothies, Odwalla now has a selection of smoothies too! Whether you need some protein or a thirst quencher, their products are filled with goodness for your body. Odwalla even has chocolate products. Need we say more?

5. Bolthouse Farms Juice

A favortie here at LR, Bolthouse juice has a variety of products to help you on your fitness journey. They even have designated breakfast and cafe drinks for you to enjoy. We’re loving their new Daily Greens juice that is packed with vitamins A, C, B6, and B12 to help you recover fast. You can even put it in place of your salad, it’s so good!

Please note, many of store bought juices are high in sugar, Lucille Roberts encourages you to always check the labels of the food and drinks you consume. Here’s some help understanding nutrition labels!

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