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Mila Kunis Is Flaunting Her Post-Baby Body! Here’s How She Toned Up

It’s crazy to think that Mila Kunis gave birth just a few months ago. The Jupiter Ascending actress was recently seen on Late Night With Craig Ferguson showing off her insanely toned abs in a sexy cutout LBD. WOWZA!

So how exactly did Ashton Kutcher’s wife get back her sizzling physique? …Breastfeeding apparently? Mr. Ferguson also noticed how slim Mila was looking and inquired for us.

“Breastfeeding’s a great workout!” the new momma said. “Let me tell you!”

And while this may be true, we know that the 36 year-old leading lady has had to do her fair share of fitness regimens to get in shape for upcoming box office hits. Black Swan anyone?

  • She makes gym-time a priority – Mila worked hard to stay in shape during her pregnancy so we’re thinking she probably had and still has the same mind-set for keeping the baby weight off. This brunette beauty makes sure to carve out time sweat it out during yoga and Pilates classes. She tries to train at least three days a week.
  • She loves an adrenaline rush – Before Mila was expecting, she enjoyed action packed activities that kept her blood pumping. Jet skiing and snowboarding are among some of her favorites—she even went skydiving for her 27th birthday! It goes to show you that fitness doesn’t always mean hitting the gym.
  • She sticks to a balanced diet – Ok, maybe not so intense during her pregnancy, but Mila was focused on eating healthy after her 1,200 calorie a day plan for her Black Swan role. She and her hubby enjoy eating out at healthy LA hot spots and making sure to stock up on nutritious groceries.
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