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Strength in Numbers – POWER OF PINK recap.

Using our strength in numbers Lucille Roberts managed to raise 42 donations and a total of $2,587 to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Our strength is powerful on its own but when multiplied the magnitude of our efforts to do good for others is outstanding. On October 19th, all 16 Lucille Roberts locations hosted the […]

The Pros and Cons of Knowing Your Breast Cancer Risk Through Genetic Testing

Mutations, or alterations, in the “cancer-fighting” genes BRCA1 or BRCA2, can dramatically increase a person’s risk of breast cancer. Women with a mutation in BRCA1/2 have a 6-7 times greater risk of developing breast cancer, and men with the mutation have an over 80 times greater risk. For these reasons, it is recommended that certain […]

5 Celebrities Who Fought & Beat Breast Cancer!

Most of the time, when we think about celebrities, we only imagine their money and fame. We get starstruck in an instant when we spot one, but we sometimes don’t realize that while these stars may be famous they are actually just like us. As far from normal as celebrities may seem, they are at […]

Hollywood Breast Cancer Survivors

Celebrities seem to lead a life filled with glitz and glamour, free of the common worries and problems that we all face. However, even the most talented and beautiful stars are affected by breast cancer. Over the years, several celebrities have come forward and shared their stories of how they battled and survived this disease, […]