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Your Activewear for the Warmer & Brighter Months

Summer is basically here and it is about time to switch out your activewear to match the season. Unless you have no issues with exercising in the sweltering sun with your running jacket and gloves. Just thinking about it makes you start to sweat. Here is a activewear guide to ensure you are breezy, and […]

Your Active Wear Guide For The Colder Months

Winter is coming and wearing those shorts won’t be as comfortable as it was in the summer. Gear up for the cold months by updating your active wardrobe with these items:  Winter Running Headband– These will protect your ears from the chilling winds. Tip: make sure the bands are wide and thick enough to properly […]

Tame the Girls & Unleash the Beast with Melonade Athletics

Plan to get drenched in sweat at your #LRStrong workout today but forgot your sport’s bra? No problem! The female athletics brand Melonade Athletics has got you covered, literally. Founder Sara created these supportive tanks tops as she was once a victim to forgetting her sports bra and knew she could not do any sort […]