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Natural Ways to Revive Your Health and Beauty This Fall

With summer coming to an end many of us will be seeking ways to replenish the body inside out. How can you get a natural glow without all the chemicals? Continue reading below to discover natural ways to rejuvenate your body just in time for fall!


Hair:  With frequent trips to the beach, wet ponytails and trying to achieve the perfect beach waves probably means your hair needs a little TLC. Selecting products made with all natural ingredients will increase the absorption rate which will benefit the hair follicle and hair shaft vs causing further damage.


Skin:  Months of pool side sunbathing and constant sweating might leave your skin crying for help.  It’s time to up your skin care regime, select body acne treatments and natural body whips that will deeply cleanse as well as hydrate the skin. Opt for a non-abrasive scrub with rich ingredients like shea butter and jojoba, this will keep skin hydrated and renew your complexion.


Body: Perhaps you have indulged in one too many cocktails this summer? Maybe your social calendar was filled with more than enough barbecues? Try including more natural juices into your routine, especially mixtures that encourage detox. Look for ingredients like ginger, lemon, chia seeds and leafy greens.


Get excited about fall with my smoothie recipe below!

Nadia Murdock Fit Fall Inspired Healthy Smoothie

1 tsp spirulina/healing detox agent

1 tsp chia seeds​/single teaspoon of chia seeds packs almost 2 grams of fiber​!

½ banana

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 cup of organic pumpkin puree

1 tablespoon of honey

Handful of ice cubes

​For more delicious smoothies grab the NMFIT Smoothie Handbook​!



NMFITHeadshot2014-1Nadia Murdock is nationally recognized fitness coach, published author and regular on-air fitness expert. She is living proof that her “train your mind, change your body” method works.  After changing her own life via her own weight loss journey to a healthier lifestyle she became dedicated to sharing that power with others through her company Nadia Murdock Fit. Nadia has a B.A. in Psychology and taps into the strength and power of the mind when advising others in achieving their fitness goals. She also enjoys all forms of fitness from Kickboxing to Zumba and never goes a day without breaking a sweat.

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