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How to Make Healthy Smoothies and Soups with No Effort At All

To start March aka National Nutrition Month off right, we are introducing you to your next go to healthy meal, Daily Harvest. Perfect for those days when you are strapped for time( basically everyday) Daily Harvest makes the entire concept of grab and go eating,  easier and healthier by creating a product which pre-packages all the ingredients you would need for a smoothie and soup fix. Yup you read right, no chopping, no slicing, no thinking. It is all done for you.

image courtesy of Daily Harvest

Created by Rachel Drori busy New Yorker and mom, Daily Harvest is a ready to make healthy meal service offering a variety of delicious, whole food, ready-to-blend smoothies and ready-to-heat soups to your freezer. On a mission to bring frozen foods back, Daily Harvest changes the old image of frozen foods aka the  sad ‘vegetable medley’ we all have stocked in our freezer (often used as a sprain reliever) to food we can actually eat.

What makes this different from the frozen foods we are accustomed to is the high nutrition density. Daily Harvest cups’ ingredients include; nuts, spices, vegetables and fruits, that are picked at peak maturity and paired together to offer optimal nutritional intake and improve overall well-being. They are then flash frozen to maintain farm fresh nutrient density and flavor, without any trace of preservatives or added sugar. Which, to be honest, will be bland to most who use too much salt or sugar additives in food. But this is the beauty of the cups, you can monitor the sodium and sugar to suit your health needs. Also, unlike the numerous juicing and smoothie brands, these organic smoothies and soups contain optimum fiber of the frozen ingredients causing them to be not only satisfying, but filing as well.


image courtesy of Daily Harvest

Here are a few Daily Harvest cups ready for you to enjoy:

  • Apples and Greens: This classic blend is filled with dark leafy greens for detoxification, citrus for alkalinity, celery for hydration and balance, and turmeric and ginger for circulation, anti-inflammation and can help fight off heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Add a light base like coconut or maple water with this blend, but good old H20 works well too!
  • Carrot + Chia: This delicious smoothie tastes like carrot cake and is packed with Vitamins A, C, Omega 3’s, antioxidants and fiber rich hydrating chia seeds. A blend to have you glowing alongside your glistening sweat at Lucille Roberts. Add a creamy base like almond or coconut milk with this blend, but good old H20 works well too!
  • Zucchini + Black Garlic: A hearty, healthy, super food version of grandma’s minestrone. This soup has a chock full of nourishing vitamins and minerals, including fermented black garlic This fermented garlic which has the powers to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and fight colds.
image courtesy Daily Harvest

Until the technology to operate blenders without man power occurs, you will just need to do the following steps, we promise it would not take too much time: 

  • Add liquid such as milk or coconut water for smoothies and blend. For soups just add water or broth of choice and cup in microwave. That’s it!

Tip: After trying we recommend adding a scoop of your favorite protein powder and fresh greens for an additional nutritional boost to the smoothies. 

This is a partnered post with Daily Harvest

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