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Category: Exercise’s Fantastic Interval Training Infographic

If you’re interested in learning more about interval training, a highly effective workout suggested yesterday in Dr. Emily’s Fit Tip of the Week, check out the fantastic “infographic” on (a health and fitness blog definitely worth following) that explains more about HIIT. And if High Intensity Interval Training sounds like the workout for you, […]

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT exercises

Dr. Emily's Fit Tip of the Week

Super-charge your metabolism with interval-based training! Did you know? Interval-based workouts and classes (like the HIIT class at Lucille Roberts) keep burning calories for up to an hour after you finishing working out!

Workout Tip of the Day!

Variety is key for a good workout. Check out these daily randomized routines designed to work your abs!

Dr. Emily's Fit Tip of the Week

  For a healthy lifestyle, the recommended number steps a day is 10,000. That’s approximately 5 miles. Up for the challenge? A pedometer is an affordable, easy way to keep track of every step you take! (Did you know there’s a free pedometer app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad? Check it out!)

Eating for Exercise

Planning what you need to eat before you exercise can help you maintain a high energy level during your workout. However, this does not mean you should exercise on a full stomach because this can lead to cramping and nausea. You should allow 1-4 hours for digestion, depending on what and how much you have […]