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Your Activewear for the Warmer & Brighter Months

Summer is basically here and it is about time to switch out your activewear to match the season. Unless you have no issues with exercising in the sweltering sun with your running jacket and gloves. Just thinking about it makes you start to sweat. Here is a activewear guide to ensure you are breezy, and […]

No-Labor, Healthy Labor Day Recipes

Celebrate the Labor Day weekend with these no-labor, easy to make, healthy recipes. From burger bites to grilled corn, these recipes will have you out of the kitchen and enjoying the long weekend with friends and family in no time! Click the recipe names below for all ingredients and the how-to on these tasty dishes! […]

The Perfect Summer Soup

You read that right! Yes, there is a summer soup to cool you off during New York’s heat wave – it’s called gazpacho! Served chilled, this tomato based recipe is healthy, refreshing and it gets better, you only need a blender to make it. YES to not using no additional heat from the stove. Here […]

FabFitFun Summer Box is the Definition of Sunshine in a Box + Giveaway!

A brightly colored pink box with smile induced emojis all around it. This is only the beginning of what to expect when you get your hands on the FabFitFun summer box! Trust us when we say it has everything you need (and a little extra) for you to enjoy, sweat and live in every moment of […]

LR July HIIT Challenge

Let’s hear it for July! The month known to start off with a literal bang; thanks to Independence Day fireworks. In addition to celebrating America, you’ll also be honoring summer with usual traditions like attending barbecues, lying on the beach and soaking up the sun. So we completely understand if you are currently in the […]

20-Minute Booty Blast Workout

While booty workouts and the booty in general are buzz worthy these days, it makes us more insistent to find ways to shape, lift and round it. Because let’s face it we all want to have J’Lo’s coveted buns of steel. Below we created a 20 minute booty blasting workout to ensure you will be strutting your buns […]

Summer Sweat Challenge: Week 3

Monday 13 LEGS +CARDIO Pop Squats Begin with your feet wide apart, toes angled out, standing tall and core engaged. Proceed to bend in the knees, dropping your butt low. As you lower into the squat, reach with both hands to the ground. Now, as soon as those fingertips touch the floor, quickly pop back […]

The Keys For Your Perfect Summer Workout Routine

Major Key: Make it your mission to SWEAT 6 days per week.  You are probably having “insert shocked emoji” feelings right now, but do not be alarmed by the number of sweat sessions you are about to do for the summer. By simply switching things up, simply being active and simply enjoying life, you will […]

Summer Sweat Challenge: Week 2

Here are the full details for Week 2 of the  Summer Sweat Challenge. Sunday 5 ACTIVE REST : Downward Facing Dog to Plank Shift your weight forward so that your hips are aligned with your shoulders. Make sure your shoulders are above your wrists and your spine is aligned. Press your palms firmly into the mat. […]